Wako kinzoku lndustry Co., Ltd.


July 1966


10 million


Main Office
Product Center

3-4-46 Nankohigashi, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-0031 JAPAN
TEL. 06-4703-0777 FAX. 06-4703-0700

Danchi Plant

4-3-28 Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-0011 JAPAN
TEL. 06-6682-6789 FAX. 06-6682-6700

Tokyo Sales Office

Ryougokuyuusen Bld.10F,3-21-14,Ryogoku,Sumida-ku,Tokyo 130-0026 JAPAN
TEL. 03-5638-0171 FAX. 03-5638-0172

Overseas Plant

Heguang(Yantai)Metal Products Co., Ltd. 
 The Economic Development Zone of Haiyang 
 Shandong, China
 TEL. 0535-3201788 FAX. 0535-3201766

Annual Sales

2.8billion(fiscal 2005)


Shigeru Yamamoto


Sun Zheng Wei

Senior Managing Director


620(560 at China plant), as of June 2005



Hot dip galvanizing and Electro galvanizing Washers 
(Flat, Square, Spring, taper)

Stainless washers, Special Bolts, Press and weld Hardware


(Other metal fittings for electric power generation, communications,
overhead cables, construction, civil engineering and strap hanger)


July 1966

Shigeo Nonaka established Wako Kinzoku industry Co., Ltd. in Matsubara-shi, Osaka

April 1976

Product Center established in Habikino-shi, Osaka, and inspection, packaging, and inventory management started

August 1979

Obtained patent on method for hot dip galvanizing washers

November 1986

Danchi Plant established in Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, hot dip galvanizing process started

April 1993

Received approval to display JIS-H8641-type 1 and type 2 Japanese lndustrial Standards for hot dip galvanizing process

June 1994

Overseas plant(Plant #1) inaugurated in Haiyang, Shandong, China

November 1996

Shigeru Yamamoto was appointed President

July 2000

Commencement of operations at hot dip galvanizing plant in Chinese city of Pinghu, Zhejiang Province

December 2000

Chinese Plant acquires ISO 9002 certification

September 2001

Overseas plant(Plant #2) inaugurated in The Economic Develotment Zone of Haiyang Shandong China

November 2001

Main Office moves to Nankohigashi, Suminoe-ku, Osaka

March 2002

Danchi Plant acquires ISO 9002 certification

March 2003

Oversea Plant Inaugurated in Zapu Jiaxing China

March 2004

Power Electricity Adhesion started at Chinese Plant (Plant #2)

September 2004

Danchi Plant acquires ISO 14001 certification

February 2005

Chinese Plant acquires ISO 14001 certification

November 2006

Main Office and Tokyo Office acquires ISO 9001 certification

Trade Fair
and Exhibition

Japan National Small and Medium-Sized Business Trade Fair
      (Kobe and Yokohama)
All American Fastener Show
      (Columbus, Ohio, USA)1985,1998
      (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)1999,2000
Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo 2002
IEEE/PES Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exhibition 2002: asia Pacific

and Equipment

Head Office
Product Center
   Warehouse, Dual-side inspection for washers : 1
   Automatic film wrapping machine:1

Danchi Plant
   Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant
   Oven length - - - 4.8m : 1(gas fumace)
   Plating capacity - - - 1,000 tons/mo


Overseas Plant
       Land area - - - 60,000m2
       Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant
       Electro Plating(Barrel Plating - Rack Plating)
       Presses machine : 60
       Powder Electricity adhesion Plant
       Leveler Plant
       Welding facility (Spot, Bat, Arc)
       The other manufacturing Plant

Major trading
(Listing not given
in alphabetical

Metal One Steel Products Corporation ; Nasu Denki Tekko Co., Ltd. 
Otani Kogyo Co.,Ltd. ; Iwabuchi Co.,Ltd. ; Kobayashi Metals Ltd. 
Yura Sansho Co.,Ltd. ; Yahata Neji Co.,Ltd. ; Okaso co.,Ltd. 
Hankyu Tekko Co.,Ltd. ; Shinko Bolts Co.,Ltd. ; ISK Co.,Ltd.
Kiyokawa Zinc Kogyosho Co.,Ltd. ; Seishin Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
Kyowa Harmotec Co.,Ltd. ; Toshin Denki Co.,Ltd. ; Mizuho Kogyo Co.,Ltd. 
Hamanaka Nut Co.,Ltd. ; Asia Planning Co.,Ltd.


Naniwa Business Danchi Cooperative, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
Kansai Managers Association, Japan Kasen Metal Products lndustries Organization,
Japan Hot dip galvanizing Association, JITCO,
Fasteners Cooperative Association of Kansai

Danchi Plant ISO 9001EISO 14001

Quality N2010/38286
Environment N2010/38236